Rewiring Services

NICEIC-Registered Rewiring Contractor for Property Refurbishments

Do you need an electrical rewiring expert in South London or Surrey? As the go-to South East electrical contractor, we offer professional rewiring services for all types of refurbishments. Whether you need your entire property rewired or a particular circuit upgraded, we can assist.

As a trusted electrical service, we understand the requirements of small and complex rewires. If your old system can no longer cope with the demands of modern installations, doesn’t meet the latest IET Wiring Regulations, or you have safety concerns over your current wiring, get in touch.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Evans Electrical has successfully completed numerous rewiring projects for residential and commercial properties.

Should You Rewire Your Property?

Electrical safety and functionality are crucial in any type of property, whether you’re a landlord, property developer or business owner. Old or faulty wiring can pose a serious hazard, resulting in an unreliable power supply and an increased risk of electrical accidents occurring.

So, if you’ve noticed your electrics are constantly tripping, your latest EICR has identified issues, or your property is struggling to keep up with system demands, it’s time to upgrade your wiring.

We also work on rewiring projects for property refurbishments, extensions and loft conversions, ensuring all wiring upgrades are suitable for increased electrical demands. Our expertise spans across a wide range of services, from wiring upgrades and EICR inspections to lighting control integrations and consumer unit upgrades.

Rewiring will:

  • Bring your wiring up to date with the latest standards

  • Reduce the risks of electrical fires and shocks

  • Help your property meet increased electrical demands

  • Allow for integration with smart home technology

  • Make home renovations and extensions easier

  • Give you peace of mind about the longevity of your electrics

Why Choose Our Rewiring Services?

  • Full & part rewires – We tailor our electrical services to your needs, offering both full and partial rewires.
  • Compliant work – Electrical safety is at the core of what we do, ensuring your new wiring complies with the latest British Standards and Part P Building Regulations.
  • Quality electrical integrations – We provide custom rewiring solutions for refurbishments, integrating with your smart home systems, lighting and more.
  • All property types – From modernising home wiring to complex commercial rewiring projects, we understand the specific electrical demands of different settings.

  • NICEIC-approved electrical contractor – Rest assured, as a NICEIC-registered contractor, we uphold the highest electrical safety and quality standards.

New Wiring for AV & Lighting Control Installations

In a rapidly advancing technological age, you may also need to upgrade your wiring to accommodate new devices, appliances and smart home systems.

As a specialist electrical contractor, we offer AV and lighting installations, which we can integrate with your new wiring for the ultimate home automation. This gives users greater control over their property’s functionality and multimedia systems.

We can even provide additional and replacement power sockets and light switches as part of the rewire, planning the design with you so that the results meet your project requirements.

Rewiring FAQs

Signs that your house may need rewiring include frequent tripping of circuit breakers, electrical shocks from sockets or switches, flickering lights, burning odours, outdated wiring and the presence of damaged or exposed wires. Additionally, if your home is several decades old or you’re planning a property extension, it’s advisable to have a professional electrical contractor conduct an assessment to determine if rewiring is necessary.

Rewiring costs will vary based on the home’s age and size, the complexity of the existing wiring and additional requirements, such as consumer unit upgrades. Contact us now for a free rewiring quote tailored to your needs.

The duration of a house rewire depends on the property size, existing wiring and any additional upgrades incorporated. On average, a straightforward rewiring project may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. After an initial rewiring consultation, we can give you a better idea about timeframes.