Consumer Units

Professional Consumer Unit Upgrades & Installations in South London & Surrey

A property’s electrical system is its lifeline, powering appliances, lighting and multimedia in every room. It’s vital your existing systems remain safe, efficient and compliant with the latest regulations. At Evans Electrical, we offer specialist consumer unit expertise, ranging from old fuse board upgrades to new electrical installations.

With over 20 years of experience, we work closely with property owners and developers to ensure high-quality consumer unit installations and replacements, helping your circuits cope with modern demands.

Compliant Consumer Unit Replacements – Upgrade Your Fuse Board

A consumer unit operates your property’s electrical circuits, distributing power while protecting the system from overloading or short-circuiting. Unfortunately, many old fuse boards don’t provide the same functionality, level of protection or safety features as modern consumer units.

At Evans Electrical, we offer consumer unit upgrades to bring your system in line with the latest standards, ensuring circuits meet your property’s power needs. Our modern units are reliable, reduce power disruptions and are equipped with advanced safety features. They also have scope to scale with future developments, accommodating additional circuits for new electrical installations.

Modern Consumer Unit Installations – Excellent In-Built Safety Features

Our consumer unit installers supply and fit top products and hardware from leading manufacturers to ensure long-lasting performance, working closely with you to tailor electrical services to your needs. Whether you’re undergoing a property refurbishment, rewire or new build project, our installations are safe, compliant and of the highest quality.

All consumer units will have the latest in-built safety components, including circuit breakers and residual current devices (RCDs). RCDs are highly sensitive, life-saving features designed to prevent electrical shocks, automatically switching off your electricity if there is a fault.

Check Your Fuse Board with Our Efficient EICR Service

Are you unsure whether your existing consumer unit meets the latest standards or is causing electrical issues at your property? Request a new EICR from our expert NICEIC-approved contractors. Electrical Installation Condition Reports provide a comprehensive appraisal of your system, including consumer unit testing and assessments.

If your consumer unit isn’t up to scratch or risking your safety, we’ll let you know in your report, highlighting the level of risk it poses. If our report recommends you need a new consumer unit, we can arrange this for you alongside any other electrical installations required. Once the install is complete, you’ll also receive a new safety certificate for your records.

Consumer Unit FAQs

Consumer unit upgrade costs can vary, whether you need an old fuse board replaced or the installation is required for a newly built space. The cost is also determined by the type of consumer unit, the number of circuits it will support and the complexity of the job. When you get in touch, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation consumer unit quote based on your bespoke requirements.

Most people need a new consumer unit to ensure their property’s electrics comply with the latest regulations and provide adequate protection against faults, system overloads and short circuits. Upgrading to a modern consumer unit means better safety features like RCDs (residual current devices) and capacity for more circuits. It can also be necessary during renovations and home extensions to meet increased electrical demands.

Most straightforward consumer unit replacements can be completed in a day to ensure the old fuse board is disconnected and the new unit works as it should. Changes to this timeframe can depend on the condition of the existing wiring, the complexity of the installation and how many circuits are involved. Once we know the requirements of your upgrade, we can give you an estimate of timings.